About Us

Welcome to Marutham oils

We Meythini (The world) traders is a startup which is committed to manufacture unrefined edible oils in traditional way using the wooden churner.

We ensure 360° quality in all means to produce finest products to our society.

Our mission is provide good food ingredients because “good food is wise medicine”

Our brand name “Marutham” (மருதம்) means Agricultural areas, plain or valley. The name came from our place where we are from.

The marutham oils manufacturing unit is present near to Pollachi.In ancient times Pollachi was known as ‘Pollil Vaichi’ which means “The land of natural Wealth and Prosperity” or ‘Porull Aatchi’ (The Land of Wealthy Government).

We proud to produce healthiest products in traditional way and make use of technology to reach our people.